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Decided to let this out on here and not on FB cos reasons lmao

"Music is my life, you don't understand!  It defines who I am and without it I'd be nothing!"

Yeah, says the person who listens to nothing but rock and metal and degrades other genres like Pop and Hip-Hop as all garbage.  Lemme give you some notes to write down in your handy dandy notebook if you know what's good for ya:

1. Music doesn't define who you are as a person.  You yourself define who you are as a person.  If Slayer's "Angel of Death" or Metallica's "Master of Puppets" defined you as a person, I'm damn fuckin sure you'd be locked away in a mental institution for obvious reasons.

2. Lacking music in your life is not going to kill you.  Music is, was and always will be entertainment.  It's not food, water, shelter or oxygen.  You don't need it to survive.  You really don't.  I can understand how certain artists may INSPIRE you to push forward with life, but don't say it's your fuckin life.  If it was, you'd have a wide range of understanding of different styles of music, instrumentation or even appreciation of music as a whole.

3. Saying you're a music fan but only limiting yourself to one or two genres and dismissing others as trash makes you look like a fucking hypocrite.  That's like saying I'm a sports fan but I only like football and hockey, or saying I'm a car guy but I only like Ferrari flagships, or that I love colo(u)rs but only liking different shades of red.  If you dismiss other genres as shit other than the ones you like, you're not a music fan.  You're a fan of a specific genre of music that you keep yourself confined to.  I, for one, actually consider myself a music fan.  I appreciate all genres of music, even if I have my favorites.  Not bragging here, just giving an example.

4. If you classify one genre of music as art, then all music styles are a form of art regardless of what you think of those genres, including Hip-Hop.  If you classify another as commerce, then it applies to all other genres of music, especially rock and metal.  It doesn't matter what artist or genre it is.  Plus, making assumptions about a genre you know nothing about and that you don't dive yourself into to understand is beyond stupid (ex. "Hip-Hop is all shit cos it's all the same trash bout money and bitches and metal is waaayyyy better than rap!").  it's like saying a Ferrari drives like shit when you haven't driven one yourself or even known from people who have. 

Having preferences is one thing.  Praising something you love and degrading other things that you have no understanding over is a completely different thing all on its own.  Learn to open yourself up a bit more to artists or different styles of music you haven't dwelled on yet.  I used to hate hip-hop until 3 years ago when some friends introduced me to some great artists (ex. Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole & Chance the Rapper) and now it's one of my favorite genres alongside rock and metal.  I mean, who doesn't like 2001 by Dr. Dre???  In other words, learn to appreciate artists or genres you're not used to.  Broaden out your horizon and find certain artists in a genre that click with you.

Ok rant done. 
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