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Apparently I'm going with my one sister to Sandusky, Ohio for [read the title, you friggin' idiots] this weekend.  Why, you ask?  Well, because why not?~

Actually it's for a bigger reason than that.  Keep in mind that I'm a quadruplet with three sisters (one is severely mentally/physically disabled) and one of them wanted to go to the con (let's call her Sister #1) while the other consistently refused to go with her.  I will never know why, because she kept dodging the question "Why?" entirely.  After Sister #1 spent a few days begging Sis #2 to come with her, she gave up and asked me to come along with her instead.  I simply responded with "Well I don't really have anything planned this weekend, so...*shrug* sure; why not?".  After Sis #2 hears me accepting Sis #1's offer, she tells her "Fine, I'll go."  

You're not going, my sweet depressed sister.  You were asked countless times for three straight days and straight up kept telling us you don't want to go and now you want to go just because I said yes?  Get real!  You're insecure about dealing with me at home because you know we're just going to do nothing but whine and fight over the stupidest things.  I even insisted that you go with her, but all you tell me is to shut up; and then you get all loud and fussy towards me just because I straight up told you that you're being lazy and need some social interaction out of state for once.  "He hurt my feelings!"  Well I wouldn't have done that had you not been such a big baby about the whole situation.  "I have no friends, so shut up!!!" Bullshit; you have friends like Brittany, Emily and Jimmy come over to our damn house and you don't classify them as friends???  Gimme' a break...  It's like homosexuality and "homophobia": One (Depression) isn't a choice, but one (laziness) is.

Well what do you know; I made a mild rant.  Anyways, I'll be gone on the weekend for Colossalcon, so wish me luck.
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A modern linguist and cultural gourmet.

A gourmand to vices and preacher to self-realization.


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